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Property Tax Department

Our Activities

Property Tax Department headed by Tax Collecting Sarkar or Department in – Charge deals with collection property tax which is imposed by Assessment Department at the beginning of every Financial Year or after time to time successful completion of any mutation. In a nutshell property tax department plays a major role in increasing the Municipal own source revenue income. Municipality generates 40% – 50% of its own source income through collection of property tax from different holdings.


The major responsibilities of Property tax Department are as follows –

  • I.Door to door distribution of demand bill at the beginning of each financial year. For this job municipality has engaged 16 nos of Tax Collecting Sarkar in commission basis.
  • II.Collection of property tax from different holdings according to distributed of demand bill. Ward wise Tax Collecting Sarkar is also engaged for tax collection purpose. Beside this Municipality has opened another two counters at property tax department where anyone can deposit property tax.
  • III.Process Hardship or Vacancy Remission, Exemption according to the applications received by the department.
  • IV.Monitor all the collectors on daily basis to increase Municipal Revenue.
  • V.Monitor all Government, Big & industrial holdings on regular basis to collect maximum amount of property tax within the due date of financial year.


  • Collection of Property Tax
  • Collection of Water Tax
  • Collection of Stall Rent
  • Collection of House Rent
  • Collection of lease rent